Ion_V263 presets chosen, a complete selection with Pads, Leads, Synth Brass, Eps, Organs and more. This legendary synthesizer made history in 2000s, the Alesis ION became known for its legendary synthesizers filters simulations creating different sound in the samples. Now, we brought it to users of Nord keyboards. These samples can use filters from Nord keyboard Synth/Sample section, simulating the real behavior of a hardware synth.





What you get: 

  • 63 samples (+ 2 extra sample);
  • You will receive an e-mail with a link to download this package, in a format of Nord Sample (.nsmp);
  • Installation Manual;
  • Programs are not included (just samples)*.

Patch List:

list ion


  • Nord Keyboard compatible with .nsmp files. 183 MB of free space (Sample partition).
  • Nord Sound Manager (latest version).

Get it here (Digital Download):


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